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Attending the flag of the Syrian revolution in a match between the Spanish clubs Barcelona and Stuttgart, Germany (video)

The flag of the Syrian revolution appeared in a friendly match between the Spanish club Barcelona and the German club Stuttgart.

In a video recording circulated by Syrian activists, a young Syrian man carrying the flag of the Syrian revolution appeared in front of the stadium camera.

Where the young man waited for the camera to reach him to take out the flag and raise it in front of millions of spectators.

The video recording showed the Barcelona players leaving the match ground, after which the director moved the camera and showed the spectators’ stands.

At this moment, the Syrian youth took the revolution flag out of his bag and put it in front of the camera, where the young man seemed happy while waving the flag.

The video was very popular and well received by the pioneers of social networking sites, and spread widely on the platforms.

A young Syrian man was able to raise the flag of the Syrian revolution inside a stadium in Austria, while the Assad regime’s football team was conducting a training camp there.

A video clip circulated on social networking sites showed the Syrian youth waving the flag of the Syrian revolution, saying, “Faragi, the flag of the revolution is clear, we are the world… Come to our pictures.”

Soon, a verbal altercation erupted between the regime’s national team goalkeeper, Ibrahim Alama, and the Syrian youth holding the flag, as he demanded that he take it down, but the young man refused.

Syrians shouted in the face of a scientist, “We have freedom here” and that he does not have the power to suppress them, as is the case in Syria.

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In 2016, two young men stormed Fulham Stadium in the British capital, London, during the Saudi Super Cup match between Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal clubs.

The lens of one of the photographers showed one of the two young men carrying the flag of the Syrian revolution, after he was arrested by the stadium police.

This was followed by a wave of applause and thousands of fans chanting the phrase “Syria..Syria.”

Saudi sports websites reported that a young Syrian man managed to storm the field, carrying the flag of the Syrian revolution.