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attention!  Cyber ​​scammers have a new trick to get into your account

attention! Cyber ​​scammers have a new trick to get into your account

A new trick has appeared on the Internet. The scammer pretends to be a Microsoft employee. It informs the victim over the phone about the alleged computer attack. On Monday, he managed to steal 65,000 crowns from an old man.

On Monday, the scammer managed to mature a 69-year-old man online, and his phone rang from outside in the morning. When he answered the call, there was an English speaking man who pretended to be a Microsoft employee.

Tell him that someone must have attacked his computer. The scammer then urged the man to gradually install AnyDesk and QuickSupport software as well as the crypto-exchange app on his mobile phone.

After that, the man took a picture of his ID and energy bill, and sent it with his photo to an unknown address. Police spokesman Lebor Hetman described the fraud, adding that 65,000 kroner had left the bank account. “The bank has blocked two more transactions that exceeded CZK 200,000,” He is done.

Police recommend people not to share their personal data with anyone on the phone, to send copies of personal documents to unknown addresses and not to answer calls from unknown foreign numbers.

For suspected criminals, unauthorized access to a computer system and an information carrier, fraud and unauthorized measures, forgery and alteration of the means of payment by the offender are punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to eight years. Governor noted.

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