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Atypical models the world fell in love with: Do you like them, too?

Atypical models the world fell in love with: Do you like them, too?

Current trends send a clear indication of this The other is simply worn. Designers are increasingly engaging in models that go beyond previous standards, yet their charm or elegance is undeniable. Who are the women who charmed designers and won the sympathy of the audience thanks to their unique looks?

Winnie Harlow (26)

One of the modeling stars was diagnosed by doctors Vitiligo In just four years. It is a relatively rare skin disease that causes loss of pigment and manifests itself as white spots on the skin. In 2014, the Canadian native participated in series 21 of the reality show, America Looking for a Model. She didn’t win, but the show was enough to make the whole world fall in love with her.


Winnie Harlow has made her illness a priority, and today she is snapping pictures campaign after campaign

Diandra Forest (31)

It was the first to go down in history AlbinoThat won a contract with a modeling agency. The African-American woman of white skin did not have a perfect childhood because of the color of her skin: her classmates teased her, people stared at her on the street with their mouths open. One day, a photographer noticed her, seeing enormous potential in her. She completed the first photo tests, signed a contract with Elite Model and became the star of the catwalks.


Her skin color was a nuisance to Deanna Forrest when she was a child, and she later landed her a luxurious contract with a modeling agency.

Madeleine Stewart (24)

I have broken the stereotypes of what a model should look like. Girl with Down’s syndrome She was overweight, but at the beginning of 2015 she decided to change that and started fulfilling her dreams. She lost more than 20 kilograms and told her mother that she would like to become a model. The mother set up accounts for her daughter on social networks, posted pictures of Madeleine as she was losing weight, and the girl literally became an overnight sensation.


Madeleine Stewart has become the star of shows at Fashion Weeks, part of high-profile campaigns and is enjoying modeling

Valentina Sampaio (24)

This Brazilian was born a boy, and even after the gender change it wasn’t easy in the fashion industry: Because Transgender identity She even lost her job. The company justified this by saying that conservative clients could object to such a girl. Fortunately, not everyone shares a similar opinion, and today the premier transgender model can be proud of the tag on the cover of French Vogue (2017) and in the Victoria’s Secret campaign (2019).


Valentina Sampaio is also a woman according to the citizen, but she was born into the body of a man and not all companies took it positively.

Lorraine Water (33)

This beauty almost died Toxic shock syndrome. It is a serious infectious disease in which staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria enter the body and begin to produce toxins. This is a rare complication that can also occur from the use of menstrual tampons. And that is exactly what happened to this beautiful young woman. At the age of 24, she suffered a heart attack due to toxic shock and had to undergo advanced gangrene Lower limb amputation. She is back on the catwalks with prostheses. Hats!


Lauren Wasser tries to uncover the syndrome of overt disease and speaks frankly about it

Tess Holliday (35)

Every modeling agency already has plus-size models in the stable. And while Ashley Graham (33) She gained fans all over the world, this colleague of hers, as well as supporters, a large crowd of critics. At a height of 163 cm, her pounds are still very visible and immigrants often call her obese and ugly. But it is difference from the others that makes the Fat American a sought-after star.


Tess Holliday encourages other women to not be anxious about personality just because other people are expecting it. Additionally, he can wear his weight with pride

Doki Thot (25)

Lovely Chocolate was born in Australia and was bullied as a child due to her unusually dark complexion. Today is her nickname Human Barbie And the world cannot take her eyes off her. A contestant for the eighth series of reality TV show Australia was looking for a model, became the face of cosmetic companies Fenty Beauty and L’Oréal Paris and filmed several campaigns for the most famous fashion brands.


Duckie Thot looks like a living doll, but she was bullied due to the color of her skin as a child

Slik Woods (24)

When she was 19 years old, Ash Stymest (29) spotted her at a bus stop in Los Angeles. He took the homeless, introduced her to the world of modeling, and her unusual appearance quickly attracted the attention of famous designers. She also became famous for going to the lingerie show for Rihanu (33) She is in the ninth month of her pregnancy. She was walking around the sidewalk with labor pains!


Slick Woods’ life has not been easy. She was homeless and had cancer, but she didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her

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