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Australia is reportedly buying 4 nuclear submarines from the United States

Australia is reportedly buying 4 nuclear submarines from the United States



Australia intends to buy at least 4 nuclear-powered submarines from Washington, US media reported “a growing defense partnership to counter China’s military ambitions in the Pacific” and the US “CNN” channel, citing informed sources, said Australia intends to buy “Virginia” class submarines, which the US The Navy’s latest fast attack submarines. Channel indicated that the submarines are unlikely to be delivered in the next few years. “Delivery may take place in the 2030s, but the expected announcement will be a testament to the progress of the Ogus Group, which includes Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States,” he added. Australia is also expected to work with the United Kingdom on developing a new class of nuclear-powered submarines that will include US components, and US President Joe Biden will host Australian and United Nations prime ministers, the sources said. Next week to discuss Kingdom Steps in California. Next in partnership. The former Australian government angered French President Emmanuel Macron last year by canceling a A$90 billion ($66 billion) contract for French-built conventional submarines, opting instead for nuclear-powered versions. Britain. The current Australian prime minister has been committed to the Oculus deal to embrace nuclear technology since coming to power in an election last May. Also Read | Lukashenko: Quoting Al-Akbar Newspaper: 10-3-2023 We want to join the Shanghai Organization before the Delhi summit.