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Austria plans to remove shop curtains within two weeks

Austria plans to remove shop curtains within two weeks

The number of infected people is increasing, but infection occurs mainly among young people. “Everyone who is vaccinated is safe,” Curtis said. Everyone can choose according to his words; Either a vaccine or an infection.

Although Chancellor and Minister of Health Wolfgang Mokstein (The Greens) are calling on the residents of the Alpine country to be vaccinated, this step will not be mandatory. “The vaccination will remain voluntary,” Kurz said.

However, according to him, the offer of vaccination should be simplified and those interested can be vaccinated, for example, without prior registration. Young people can benefit from “extraordinary circumstances” where they can be vaccinated.

The course cited a volunteer fire brigade as an example. According to him, there are currently more vaccines available than those who are interested in vaccination.

McStein said 45 percent of Austrians are currently fully vaccinated. “If the vaccination rate is maintained, we will pass safely in the fall,” he said. He described the Indian boom called Delta as a major challenge.

Last week, 60 percent of all newly infected people in Austria had the delta variant.

And the Ministry of Health announced, on Friday, that 163 new infections were infected within 24 hours. At the same time a week ago, there were 103 infected people.

Austria has now relaxed almost all anti-coronavirus measures. All services, gastronomic facilities, hotels and boarding houses in the country operate without restrictions.

Nightclubs, discos and bars have been open since the beginning of July, although they must be 75 percent full.

Austria also recognizes the first dose of vaccination, but it must have been three weeks.