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Away from China.. a major problem facing the Taiwan Army

Away from China.. a major problem facing the Taiwan Army

And the American news network, “CNN”, says that the island Taiwan A city of 23.3 million people faces an increasing challenge in recruiting young men to meet military needs.

According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Interior, the problem is partly related to the stubbornly low birth rate.

number decreased Taiwan residents For the first time in 2020, according to Ministry of Defense that warned General conscription The current year 2022 will be the lowest in a decade, and it will continue to decline, and the matter will constitute a “major challenge” in the future.

This is bad news for Taiwan, whose relations with the giant neighbour, are increasingly strained ChinaEspecially since the ruling Communist Party raised the tone of talk about restoring unity with the island, even if it required the use of force.

The picture is getting darker with the issuance of the National Development Council in Taiwan a report predicting that by 2035, the birth rate will decrease by 20,000 births per year from the figure it achieved in 2021, which reached 153,000.

In 2035, Taiwan will rank up North Korea As the country with the lowest birth rate in the world.

Taiwan’s fertility rate is 0.98, far below the 2.1 needed to maintain a population.

These expectations fuel the debate in Taiwan over whether the government should increase the length of compulsory military service.

Currently, Taiwan has an armed force of 162,000 professional soldiers, which is less than the required number by about 7,000.
As for all young men who are eligible for military service, they must serve in the army for about 4 months, within the reserve forces.

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Amending the length of compulsory service would mean a major shift in Taiwan’s policy, which in the past had tried to reduce compulsory military service and the length of service from 12 months.

In view of the declining numbers, Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense, Qiu Ku-ching, said plans to amend military service would be announced before the end of the year.