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تكنولوجيا : "أكسيوم -1" تغادر من محطة الفضاء الدولية اليوم بعد أيام إضافية فى الفضاء

“Axiom-1” departs from the International Space Station today after additional days in space

Monday, April 25, 2022 12:12 am

The Axiom-1 mission’s departure from the International Space Station has been delayed by another day due to persistent bad weather, and the mission is now scheduled to depart on Sunday, April 24, according to a digitaltrend report.

Four crew members of the first fully private space tourism mission to the International Space Station (ISS), Axiom-1, are scheduled to return home today.

The space tourists spent several extra days at the International Space Station for their money, with their departure from the space station delayed due to bad weather.

There were poor weather conditions in the spray area off the coast of Florida, so the mission’s departure was postponed several times until the weather improved. Now, depending on the fine weather in Florida, the crew is scheduled to leave the station and move into tomorrow afternoon.

Concluding a weather briefing ahead of today’s planned landing, the NASA, Axiom Space, and SpaceX teams chose to cancel the docking attempt today due to a low-wind day basin that caused marginal high winds at the sprinkler sites, NASA wrote on Saturday, April 23. Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1) will now exit the International Space Station on Sunday.

Prior to their departure, the crew will spend their last day at the station packing their belongings, preparing for their flight home, and taking final photos from the spacecraft’s dome window. Two hours of Crew Dragon chapter.

Source: Technology: “Axiom-1” departs from the International Space Station today after additional days in space

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