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Ayman Zeidan returns to the scene of the filming of the series The End of a Brave Man and remembers "Mofeed El Wahsh" (photo) - Mada Post

Ayman Zeidan returns to the scene of the filming of the series The End of a Brave Man and remembers “Mofeed El Wahsh” (photo) – Mada Post

Ayman Zidan returns to the scene of the filming of the series The End of a Brave Man and remembers “Mofeed Al-Wahsh” (photo)

Mada Post_Editing Team

Syrian artist Ayman Zeidan shared with his followers on Facebook a picture of him from the filming site of the series “The End of a Brave Man,” which was shown in 1994, in which he embodied the character “Mofeed al-Wahsh.”

Zidane wrote, commenting on his picture: “Here, one day, Moufid al-Wahsh was fighting the sea. Thirty years later I’m back at the same beach. A veil of sadness was falling on his tired waves.”

He added: And when sunset approached and silence prevailed, I heard the sighs of his shells full of tales, the stories of sailors and fishermen, the laughter of simple people haunted by hope, the whispers of lovers on its warm sandy beach, all this now has become a moan for a bygone time.

Followers’ reactions

Hundreds of followers interacted with Ayman Zaidan’s post, some called him the heroism of a lifetime, and others talked about his memories with the series The End of a Brave Man, which is considered one of the signs of the Syrian drama.

Among the comments, one of them wrote: “It is one of the most profound and sad series. I can’t bring this series out of my sadness for the oppressed character of Mofid al-Wahsh… even if it is a series… I am tired of injustice, suffering and misfortune.”

Another wrote: “May God prolong your life, Professor Ayman.. Your works are an immortal legend over time.. and your honorable person is a comprehensive technical, literary and media school.. We were and will always love you.”

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Another wrote: “Time has changed, and sadness has become accumulated in simple, tired hearts, and there is still hope within them for survival and continuity.. May God prolong your life, O creator.”

New Ayman Zidane

Actor Ayman Zeidan is currently busy filming his role in the Levant Environment series “Gin Alley”Written by: Mohamed El-Aas, directed by: Tamer Ishaq, Produced by: MB Art Production Company, which previously produced Al-Kandoush.

The starring of Zuqaq Al-Jin is shared by a group of Syrian stars, including: Amal Arafa, Shukran Murtaja, Abdel Moneim Amayri, Safa Sultan, Gianna Eid, Najah Safkouni, Umayyah Malas, Saad Mina, Wael Zeidan, Robin Issa.

It is noteworthy that Zidane participated in the Ramadan 2022 drama season through my series: Al-Kandoush C2, The Three Knights. Note that the last work did not achieve the desired success because it was presented at an inappropriate time.