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BA Marie. Tennis player Bozkova graduated, she was in school twice

It was not a beneficial economic decision, as it would be appropriate for a new Bachelor of Commerce degree. This month, tennis player Marie Bozkova sacrificed a championship in Rome and a potential reward of hundreds of thousands of crowns for the enjoyment of life’s experience. And she went to Indiana University’s eastern campus, where she was graduating. Successfully completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Sports Management. “I can play tournaments every year, but you get to experience it once in a lifetime,” smiled the 23-year-old, who bought a dress for a festive moment last year and knew she shouldn’t miss. “I’m glad the deadline didn’t go to the Grand Slam, because it would be a more difficult decision,” she breathed as she advanced to Roland Garros in the second round via Russia’s Anastasia Jasanova (6:2, 6:1).

Bozkova is a woman of the Renaissance. A girl who doesn’t say anything better than Marochka doesn’t just fix her luck in tennis. And so she danced with the world champion in the swing, and set out to discover Alaska on her own, she speaks five languages. For her kind behavior, she was awarded the Karen Krantzki Award in 2020, the most recognized and fair player award.

Now her classmates can also call her a bachelor, and she can also use the nickname next to her name. “But I wouldn’t screw it up that way,” a 23-year-old girl shrugged by studying at a university with which the WTA collaborates, and one of its alumni is Venus Williams.

Of course, the study was conducted online, otherwise it would not be possible even in the realities of a professional tennis player. But you need more consistency and discipline for him. “I’ve been there twice in total. Last year after Cincinnati, because it’s about an hour out of town. And then to graduation. It was great seeing my professors, I’ve never met them live, and now we’ve had a chance to talk a little bit. For one day, I felt like I A 100% student in a robe and with everything,” she described the experience and one of life’s goals that was achieved. Her family and little brother accompanied her to the party. “A little crazy trip, but it was an important thing I wanted to achieve in my life,” she said, as she flew from Europe to the USA.

Buzkova believes that her education could one day come in handy if, for example, she herself founded a tennis academy. However, at the moment, he still has his entire career ahead and intends to pursue his own sporting goals. This year he has an excellent balance of 22:8. She passed the first round in each of the major tournaments, playing in the round of 16 in Madrid and the final in Guadalajara, Mexico. Finally, she’s healthy again and at 69th place on the WTA Tour, not many points separate her from her career (48th).

He may soon be able to look at his opponents from a larger perspective, which he will not only get thanks to his college education.

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