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Babis pulls back migrants and his friend Orban: "The numbers are going up, we have to solve them"

Babis pulls back migrants and his friend Orban: “The numbers are going up, we have to solve them”

The House of Representatives elections are approaching and Prime Minister André Babis (yes) reopens a popular issue – immigration. In his presentation on Sunday, Zhao mentioned that illegal immigrants are fleeing through our lands to Germany and that he wants to solve the situation in the upcoming European Council.

“Maybe you forgot that in June 2018, my friend Victor Orban and I were finally able to abolish the illogical quota system,” Papisch said, adding that last week he had the opportunity to visit customs officers and deal with the issue of illegal immigration. With them.

“Unfortunately, the numbers of illegal immigrants are on the rise, and the fight against Europe against smugglers is not enough. I will address my colleagues and we have to solve this matter in the next European Council.” According to him, most of the time immigrants move to Germany through our lands.

According to the prime minister, last year Czech customs officers, in cooperation with the police, arrested 12 smugglers with illegal immigrants. “We cannot allow ourselves to accept this. I have some specific ideas on how to deal with this matter with colleagues from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland, and I will present them at the next European Council.

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