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Bad weather and flooding.. England braces for autumn tides

Bad weather and flooding.. England braces for autumn tides

The Met Office has warned Britain will see more rain in the coming days after temperatures dropped by 2C last night.

A patch of cloud and rain will move south across England and Wales tonight after heavy rain and wind across south-east Scotland and northern England, forecasters have revealed.

Bad weather hits England

He added that as temperatures return to the mid-10s Celsius after Preston and Manchester, anyone on the coast or in the north could expect to see nasty rain and cold weather in some areas with the appearance of clear, calm and cool weather. , which sees a minimum temperature of two degrees Celsius at the start.

Rain will mostly fall in the south tomorrow, he added, and will see scattered showers and thunderstorms, adding that Friday to Sunday will be cooler with heavy rain and gusty winds across the northwest. Southeast.

Heavy and prolonged rain is expected in the south of England afterwards, and despite the increase in rainfall, the Environment Agency issued just one flood warning today – meaning flooding is possible.

Today and tomorrow will see strong winds and a spring tide that could cause large waves and showers along coastal areas and the Humber estuary, the government agency said. This “high tide” refers to low-lying areas of the coast, particularly around villages. Klinchi, may experience some flooding.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Today will be breezy with some rain, especially in eastern parts of England, any rain will leave you feeling cold and windy, but it will be warmer than recent days with sunshine.”

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