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BAE Systems wins $12 billion contract for intercontinental ballistic missiles

The US Department of Defense has awarded BAE Systems $12 billion to support ICBMs.

The Department of Defense said in a statement Friday that the primary function of the Integration Support Contract (ISC) 2.0 is to support the government as the leading systems integrator and increase government resources for ICBM systems engineering and professional services.

The work will be performed primarily at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, and is expected to be completed by December 24, 2040.

An ICBM is a ballistic missile with a range of at least 5,000 km primarily designed to deliver nuclear weapons. It can also deliver conventional, chemical, and biological weapons with varying effectiveness, but it has never been deployed in ICBMs.

The ICBM trajectory consists of three parts: the powered flight part; The free-flying portion, which makes up most of the flight time; and the return stage, where the missile re-enters Earth’s atmosphere.

ICBMs possess a number of unique features that enhance overall nuclear deterrence. Not only does it provide deterrence against an attack on the United States, but it also contributes to other roles and tasks, including reassuring allies and achieving U.S. goals if deterrence fails.

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