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Bahraini artist Zuhair Al-Saeed: Fascinated by Jax Art's fans

Bahraini artist Zuhair Al-Saeed: Fascinated by Jax Art’s fans

The Bahraini artist, Zuhair Al-Saeed, traveled from Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, specifically to the Jaks neighborhood in the Diriyah region; To participate in the JAX Arts Festival, to lecture and present his research on plastic pollution awareness, which he presents as a concrete action to start each discussion; The festival devotes its idea to asking questions and satisfying curiosity, accompanied by international and local artists, who met my lady to talk about the details of the work in addition to his experience.

Zuhair Al-Saeed – Photo by Saleh Al-Ghannam

The artist stood in the area of ​​creative worlds, specifically the corner that satisfies your curiosity, explaining that the real artist must be aimed at the issues of the planet, and this is the reason for his criticism of human behavior in an artistic way.
As for his participation, he says: I was invited to give a technical lecture about my experience in Black Wave work, which discusses plastic pollution in seas and oceans; Studies indicate that there are 8 million pieces of plastic that fall into them daily, which leads to the destruction of the marine environment as a result of these human practices. It contains 1% of plastic, and this leads to incurable diseases.

Sculpture of juice lollipops

And about his anthropomorphic man: I collected plastic juice straws from the coast of Bahrain over a period of three years, and formed marine creatures from them; As a symbol to clarify its impact on the marine environment, and I dissolved it by suggesting a marine creature such as jellyfish or lobster, as a sign of distorted marine creatures that came out of the seabed to land to address humans and ask them “Why did that happen!”

The work of the artist Zuhair – photo from his account on Instagram

Regarding the echoes of the work, he comments: I am fascinated by the audience, and by the presence of a vision to build complete awareness and interest in a cultural generation, and this was reflected in me when I saw visitors from families and children.
It is noteworthy that the festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture, and is supported by the Quality of Life Program, and it came with the slogan “A Window to Your Senses”, through which the visitor can go through a different interactive artistic journey that ignites his five senses of smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight.

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