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Baladi: 7 hidden Gmail tricks that everyone should know

Baladi: 7 hidden Gmail tricks that everyone should know Gmail has a simple and easy to use interface, but there are a lot of unseen features that many users overlook.

There are plenty of hidden hacks and tricks to improve your Gmail experience, including unsending an email.

Statistics show that more than 300 billion emails were sent daily in 2020, many of which were written, sent, and received on Google’s Gmail platform.

Gmail accounts for about 1.8 billion of the 5.6 billion active email accounts, and each account does much more than just send and receive messages.

Cancel sending an email

Sure, everyone sent a message through cyberspace that they immediately wished they could cancel, and on Gmail, it’s possible.

After sending an email, a small box will appear in the bottom right asking if you want to cancel sending: Click directly on the word “Undo” after sending, clicking anywhere else will make the option disappear.

Under the default settings, an undo icon will appear on the screen for five seconds, and this can be changed in the settings.

advanced search

Advanced Search is a useful tool to track down a piece of information buried in your inbox.

The advanced search tool can be accessed by clicking on the icon with three sliding bars in the search box at the top of your inbox.

You can search by sender, receiver, date and words, you can even narrow your search for an email by searching for words that do not contain it.

Color coding for important messages

Starred messages put the most important email messages in a separate folder.

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But these messages can be further organized using color-coded stars.

More color options can be activated by going to Settings, scrolling down the General tab, and dragging more color options to the In Use section.

smart typing

Google’s writing suggestions are a boon for users who type in the traditional office language.

Once you type the beginning of the phrase, Gmail will suggest the rest of the phrase, saving you keystrokes and time.

Smart Typing can be turned on and off in Settings. Google also accepts comments on how to improve the quality of the proposed phrases in Smart Writing.
custom inbox

Gmail’s default layout is fairly basic to attract audiences.

But users can prioritize their emails by clicking the Quick Settings icon and selecting a custom inbox based on what they want to see first: Unread, Starred, or Important.

Multiple inboxes feature can be applied, which can divert all emails to a different inbox.

secret mode

Emails can be made to disappear, like Snapchat.

And you can set the expiration date on a private email by clicking the lock icon near the send button.

silent conversation

Muting a thread that receives excessive replies can provide dangerous timeouts for users who use office-level email.

It’s a simple feature – but a bit hidden.

To activate it, check the box to the right of the email you received and an options bar will appear at the top.

Tap the three dots to bring up the menu, and select Mute some quiet emails.

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