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Balady: Ahmed Salama: I refused my daughter Sarah's professionalism in acting... and the social media attack destroyed our lives in Al-Baladi

Balady: Ahmed Salama: I refused my daughter Sarah’s professionalism in acting… and the social media attack destroyed our lives in Al-Baladi The artist Ahmed Salama confirmed that he was rejecting the work of his daughter Sarah Salama in acting.

Ahmed Salama explained in his interview with the “Red Line” program presented by Muhammad Moussa on Al-Hadath channel today that he was sorry for his daughter Sarah from the troubles of the acting profession.

Salama denied that his refusal to represent Sarah at first was due to his belonging to a popular area or that he believed that representing girls was not suitable for his family, stressing that fatigue was the only reason for his rejection of the idea at first.

Ahmed Salama added: “I love my fellow actresses who are in the middle, and in the end, her father is with her in the same profession.”

Ahmed Salama confirmed that two of his daughters – Sarah and Zainab – became professional acting, along with another daughter who studied directing, and said: “I entered the Cinema Institute without knowing, and came from behind, my friends were the ones who told me.”

He pointed out that his daughter excelled in her studies of directing, explaining: “She came out first in her class, which is the Bonbonaya of the great director Ali Badrakhan.”

Ahmed Salama also spoke about his lack of love for social networking sites, stressing that they spoiled his family life, because of his attack after Sarah Salama’s professionalism for acting, and he said: “An invention that I hate very much.”

Ahmed Salama is currently participating in the series “The Auction of Evil”, which is shown during the current month of Ramadan, starring Kamal Abu Raya, Hala Fakher, Mohamed Najati, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Ahmed Jamal Saeed, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Karim Sami Maghawry, Murad Fikry Sadiq and Hajar Al-Sharnoubi.

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While Sarah Salameh’s last work was the series “Affirmation Younes”, starring Muhammad Anwar, Muhammad Ali Rizk, Ahmed Muharib and Menna Arafa.

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