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بالبلدي: انسحب من الحلقة فأحالوها للتحقيق ... القصة الكاملة لأزمة أحمد صالح مع مي حلمي بالبلدي

Balady: He withdrew from the episode, so they referred it to investigation… The full story of Ahmed Saleh’s crisis with Mai Helmy in Al-Baladi Anchor, Mai Helmy, has sparked controversy during the past hours because of Saturday’s episode, August 28, of her program “Al-Hakam”, which is shown on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel.

Mai Helmy hosted Captain Ahmed Saleh, the former Zamalek player, and asked him about his opinion of what happened in Zamalek’s celebration of winning the 2021 league championship, and I spoke to him in a manner that annoyed him, which prompted him to withdraw from the episode.

A number of celebrities expressed their rejection of what happened in the episode, demanding that Mai Helmy be held accountable and the Supreme Media Council intervened, stressing that she had dealt with Captain Ahmed Saleh inappropriately, and his withdrawal from the episode was the best response to her.

The beginning was with the author Ayman Bahgat Qamar, who wrote on his Twitter account, calling for her to be held accountable, saying: “I am welcome, and I reject the way in which I deal with Captain Ahmed Saleh, and I hope the National Media Council holds the broadcasters accountable. People are seriously a bad and insulting scene, and this indicates that the content is really empty, a shame.”

Author Amr Mahmoud Yassin agreed with him, and demanded that football stars not appear on her program.

Amr Mahmoud Yassin wrote on his Facebook account: “Accurate, Ayman. Indeed, her style is very provocative, and she deals with her guests, whether she holds them down or brings them up and raises them. I will not ask for anything from the Supreme Media Council. I will ask people that she refuses to attend as guests of the announcer until she is convinced.” Or does she understand how she should deal with her guests, and Captain Ahmed Saleh did well by withdrawing from the episode.”

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Director Amr Arafa also expressed his anger over what happened and wrote on his Twitter account: “This talk does not satisfy either Ahlawy or Zamalek, in which there is a difference between someone who respects his profession as a broadcaster and someone else who sees that he is older than her and is arrogant towards his guests. It is not the fault of the polite guest that he tolerates it. He grew up and it was good that he walked and applied the program, and I hope the lesson has arrived.. I doubt.”

The matter developed and Mai Helmy’s name became “Trend” with demands to stop her program, which prompted the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel to issue a statement explaining that Mai Helmy was referred for investigation after this incident, and the “Al-Hakam” program was suspended until the investigation ended.

For more details about the decision of Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel

For her part, Mai Helmy’s first reaction was, by publishing a picture of her from the airport, indicating that she was traveling to Dubai, and she wrote a comment, “By Bay”, while the comment feature was closed on the publication. See the first reaction from Mai Helmy after the crisis of her episode with Ahmed Saleh

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