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بالبلدي: إياد إبراهيم مؤلف "في كل أسبوع يوم جمعة": منة شلبي تستحق الفوز بجائزة إيمي الدولية بالبلدي

Balady: Iyad Ibrahim, author of “Every Week on a Friday”: Menna Shalaby deserves to win an International Emmy Award Writer Iyad Ibrahim, author of the series “Every Week on a Friday”, revealed his happiness at the nomination of Menna Shalaby, the heroine, for the International Emmy Award.

Iyad Ibrahim explained to that the news of Menna Shalaby’s nomination for the award was delightful and the happiest of the series “Every Week on a Friday”, especially that she has an exceptional talent and deserves to be on the list of nominees for the Best Actress award at the International Emmy Awards.

He added that Menna Shalaby embodied the character of “Noor” in the series with dedication and took care of all the details associated with it, and that he expected to receive the award because he believed that she is no less talented than the rest of the candidates, and she deserves to receive the International Emmy Award.

Iyad Ibrahim concluded his statements by congratulating all the makers of the series “Every Week on Friday”, because they worked hard and did their best to get the work out in an appropriate manner.

It is reported that the series “Every Week on a Friday” was shown on the Shahid VIP platform, and it is based on the novel of the writer Ibrahim Abdel Majid, which bore the same name. Abdel Nasser, directed by Mohamed Shaker Khudair, starring Menna Shalaby, Aser Yassin, Sawsan Badr, Sherif Salama, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, Arefa Abdel Rasoul, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Fedra, Mohamed Hatem and May El Gheity.

This is what Menna Shalaby said about her nomination for the Emmy Award

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