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Balady: Video | Shata asks Al-Ahly to file a complaint against Esperance and praises the match referee

belbalady Captain Abdel Moneim Shata, former head of the technical department of the former African Union, said that Al-Ahly’s performance in its match with Tunisian Esperance in the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which ended with its victory with a clean goal – was extraordinary.

And he continued, during a telephone interview with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the “On My Responsibility” program, broadcast on Sada Al-Balad channel, that the referee’s performance was excellent in general, and he controlled some matters and situations with great professionalism, and did not compliment anyone and did not have major lapses.

Abdel Moneim Shata continued, that there are significant penalties stipulated by the African Union’s regulation on the shamrock, where the penalty reaches 30 thousand dollars the first time, and up to excluding the team from playing at its stadium in the event of repeated use of the shamrock.

The former head of the technical administration of the former African Union indicated that Al-Ahly should not abandon his right and must file a complaint to the observer of today’s match against Esperance and to the Competitions Committee of the African Union, provided that the complaint includes everything that the match watched.

He stressed that postponing the match for an hour would frustrate the players, saluting Al-Khatib for being at the head of Al-Ahly’s mission in Rades, which has a great impact on reassuring the players.

He added that the public has the effect of magic in the matches, and therefore it is necessary to work on the attendance of fans in the next Al-Ahly match and all matches, as the security situation in Egypt is stable and allows for a mass attendance.

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Captain Abdel Moneim Shata, the former head of the technical department of the former African Union, concluded that Al-Ahly players should not depend on the outcome of today’s match, and they should focus on the next match, as it is a difficult and important match.

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