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بلقيس فتحي

Balqis Fathi celebrates with Samira Said, Laila Elwi and Ilham Shaheen at the opening of the first performance theater on the North Coast (video) | news

Yemeni singer Balqis Fathi traveled to the North Coast after her concert, which she performed on Thursday, August 12, on the Nafoura Theater at the Egyptian Opera House, to spend a short vacation there.

Belqis Fathi attended the opening ceremony of the first musical theater on the northern coast by Lebanese singer Michel Fadel, in the presence of a large number of singing stars in Egypt and the Arab world.

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Balqis Fathi met the stars Samira Said, Elham Shaheen, Laila Elwi and Hala Sedky, and they danced on the song “Yom Wara Yom” by Samira Said.

Balqis Fathi performed her concert in the framework of the summer opera performances, accompanied by the Art Orchestra, led by Maestro Ahmed Taha, at the Nafoura Theater, in the presence of the entire audience.

Balqis Fathi began her concert with the song “Saher Al-Layali”, then presented a lyrical program that included a bouquet of her most famous works, which the audience enjoyed, including “My brother, the father of Yemen, and that they deprive us, and show me a solution with your beauty, possible, and finished, and a new case, Jabbar, and Hemmat.” Abu Dhabi, and it reminds of Autumn”, which was shared by the famous Lebanese pianist Michel Fadel, in addition to selections from the most famous works of Arabic music, including “Sahar Al-Layali, Al-Bint Al-Shalabia, and Al-Tabataba by Hussein Al Jasmi.”

It is noteworthy that the singer Belqis is considering the upcoming release of her first songs in the Egyptian dialect, “Diplomatic”, which she filmed in a video clip, composed of words and composed by Aziz El Shafei.

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