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Balqis Fathi responds to her daring dance with Muhammad Ramadan... and the audience mocks her!

Balqis Fathi responds to her daring dance with Muhammad Ramadan… and the audience mocks her!

The Yemeni artist, Balqis Fathi, responded to the attack she had recently been exposed to, due to a dance link in open clothes in front of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

Balqis Fathi replied, “I don’t know why the attack was in a public place, and Muhammad Ramadan is a very nice person who came and sang and danced.” She continued, “I am a fun person and I danced at my wedding, a dance for history, and I am a person who loves to dance and my energy is positive with the world.”

Balqis Fathi responded to her mockery of the pioneers of the social media because of her speaking in the Lebanese dialect. Among the comments, “Speak Yemeni, once Saudi, once Lebanese..confess to your country.” With words and above, you speak Lebanese, the announcer is Lebanese. How do you speak like him?

It is noteworthy that the attack had started after a video was circulated of Belqis Fathi, who was wearing a summer dress with an open chest, dancing in front of Muhammad Ramadan to the tunes of one of his songs. Her movements in the recent period have become very provocative for some.

Divorce Balqis Fathi!

It is reported that Belqis had shared the news of her shocking divorce through a technical program, and it came literally in her statement, “I am raising a case that he was divorced in the UAE courts.” .

About the cause of the dispute, the news ranged about the location of the betrayal, although Belqis did not say anything, and so did Sultan, who recently appeared in a television interview to talk about his new work in the field of engineering. He was raised on it.

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