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بني مصطفى تستقبل سفيرة المملكة المتَّحدة

Bani Mustafa receives Ambassador to the United Kingdom :: Nabataeans

Napadians –

Wafa Bani Mustapha, Minister of State for Legal Affairs, welcomed British Ambassador to Jordan Bridget Print in her office on Tuesday.

The two sides discussed ways of collaborating, especially in the areas of enhancing the political participation of women and overcoming the challenges they face in various fields.

The meeting discussed the importance of the role of youth, their involvement in the decision-making process, their use of innovation and creativity, and how to face economic challenges in line with political reforms.

Bani Mustafa stressed that the new amendments to the legislature are important and vital to stimulate party work, improve the democratic environment in general, and empower women, especially their role. The results on the field and urges all political forces to work and interact positively with them.

He emphasized the importance of increasing the involvement of women in party life and decision-making processes, and the importance of providing support and guidance to political parties to increase their participation in the life of women and youth, to benefit from the experiences of nations. In which women have faced this challenge before.

In turn, Ambassador Print praised the efforts made by Jordan to modernize the political system under the leadership of King Abdullah II in relation to amendments to the Constitution or the adoption of electoral and party laws. Because of its role in opening up future frontiers and opportunities for women and youth.

He pointed out that increasing the presence of women in political work helps to make better decisions, and reviewed the experience of the British government in promoting the integration of the concept of gender in all related programs.

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