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Barack Obama’s adviser pleads guilty to stealing money

AFP John Loescher

Former US President Barack Obama

Seth Ander, a former White House adviser under President Barack Obama, has pleaded guilty to devising a plan to steal $218,000 from the charter schools he founded.

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Damian Williams announced, Attorney General of the United States For the Southern District of New York, “Seth Andrew has pleaded guilty today to fraud, before US District Judge John B. Cronan, in Manhattan Federal Court.”

“Seth Andrew, a former White House counsel, today admitted to plotting a robbery from the same schools he helped create,” US Attorney Damian Williams said. “Andrew now faces time in federal prison for abusing his position and stealing his promise to help them.”

In 2005, Seth Andrew helped create School Network-1, a chain of charter public schools then based in New York City. In the spring of 2013, Andrew left School Network-1 and accepted a job at the US Department of Education. Subsequently, as a senior advisor in the Office of Educational Technology at the White House.

In November 2016, Andrew left his role in the White House, and shortly thereafter, in January 2017, Andrew formally severed his relationship with School Network-1.

Andrew, 42, has pleaded guilty to one count of electronic fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and Andrew has agreed to pay compensation to the charter school network from which he stole. Andrew is due to be sentenced before Judge Cronan on April 14, 2022.

Source: “US Department of Justice”

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