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Barcelona and Bilbao |  Get rid of the pain of the recent past and the reward of fate!

Barcelona and Bilbao | Get rid of the pain of the recent past and the reward of fate!

Barcelona beat Athletic Bilbao 4-0 in the match that brought them together in the 26th round of the Spanish League, which was held at the Camp Nou.

The victory is Barcelona’s fourth in the last five matches in the Spanish League, and the third this week in all competitions, after beating Napoli and Valencia by four.

It is true that the problems of the Catalan club are not over yet, but what appeared in the face of Bilbao in particular, and before it Napoli and Valencia, bodes a lot of good for the Catalan club.

Below, let us review the most prominent and most important reasons for Barcelona’s victory in the match with that result and that performance:

Painful recent past

In the recent past, Barcelona were one of the worst teams to move and position without the ball, even with Xavi Hernandez in the technical leadership of the team.

The most prominent points of Barcelona’s defensive suffering were caused by the way the team stood and positioned itself on the field when the ball was in the opponent’s feet.

But recently and in recent weeks we have seen clear signs of improvement in the Catalan club, which has recently turned into a great development in that aspect.

Previously, the team was easily confused and exposed to danger as soon as the ball passed from the first pressure line in the offensive third.

First, second and third line of defense

The passing of the ball at the feet of the opponents of the defensive third of the time meant a clear danger to the Catalan club’s defense in the absence of pressure from the midfield and defense.

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Before that, under the leadership of Ronald Koeman and Quique Setien, Barcelona’s defense was advanced without any weapons to secure its back, whether individual or collective weapons.

But under Xavi’s leadership, things changed. At the collective level, the positioning of the Catalan club’s advanced defense became much better, and on the individual level, Ronald Araujo’s speed and Pique’s intelligence in positioning compensated for the large space behind them, and allowed them and Barcelona to reduce the risk of opponents to a minimum.

proof of evolution

The proof of what we are talking about is the absence of dangerous attacks by Athletic Bilbao. Every time Barcelona loses the ball, the visiting team’s stars find three pressure lines.

If they pass through the first, they will not pass through the second.

In fact, that improvement showed its signs many weeks ago, and Barcelona applied it on a rather small scale against Espanyol and Valencia, but the full real application was against Napoli.

Although the Catalan club received two goals against Napoli, they were not due to collective errors or the result of clear technical problems on the field, but rather because of individual errors.

Aubameyang’s gain and the reward of fate

Five goals in just one week, let’s be more objective and say only four goals and give Pedri his right to goal against Valencia, those are Aubameyang’s numbers only this week.

Believe it or not, dear reader, Barcelona got this striker for free, after many months of suffering in the absence of a real spearhead in the Catalan club.

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Perhaps fate wanted to reward the Catalan club with its new technical management and there in the offices, after the previous administration had given up one of the best strikers in the club’s history almost for free.

Super Xavi Substitutions

There is no room to talk about the extent of Barcelona’s development under Xavi’s leadership except by talking about the amazing role of the substitutes in influencing the results of matches.

It is true that Barcelona were already ahead when Ousmane Dembele, Luke de Jong and Memphis Depay substituted, but scoring the trio and creating Dembele two goals cannot go unnoticed.

Barcelona under Xavi has a strong team on the field, and elements that are very close to the level of those who have the main seats on the bench.

Xavi Gfx embed only


bottom line

The recent improvement that we talked about is certainly amazing, but it still needs more development to bring the Catalan club to the ranks of adults again.

Barcelona has improved, and the margin of improvement in front of it is still large in light of the young ages of the team in all lines, whether defense, midfield or attack.

These levels, although they bode well, the Catalan club fans should not gloat too much, the team is still under development and in the process of improvement, and the idea of ​​returning to competition for titles and restoring the golden generations is still far from this team.