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Barcelona and the European League.. not the end

Barcelona and the European League.. not the end

The disappointment of Gerard Pique and his teammates (Alexander Hasensten/Getty)

It certainly isn’t the end for Barcelona. The European League is a natural stop that may help to start again if the club knows how to manage things. A normal station after years in which mistakes accumulated a lot, in which the media illusion continued to be spread to the public, and investigations said that Bartomeu was paying money for this, until he reached the point of no return.

European League A natural stop for a team that has missed almost everything in recent years. Neymar’s loss made him hysteria, which made him lose his balance, and thus led to here.

He did not accept his loss, so he tried everything to compensate him, from Philippe Coutinho to Dembele, all the way to Griezmann, and the result was that he lost Neymar, and to compensate him he lost almost everything. The team reached bankruptcy, and this is known to everyone. Not behaving like the big corporations, when Lionel Messi famously sent the fax that he wanted to leave, the club had to let him. Messi loves Barcelona, ​​which is why he wanted the club to benefit financially. The officials did not do this for purely electoral reasons, the hundred million flew, and then Messi flew for free.

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The number of mistakes made in Barcelona in recent years is uncountable, almost all of which were a reaction to not accepting reality. Mistakes will likely be repeated if this policy continues. Accept the reality that says that the dream team that entered history and astonished the world ended, as did Ajax Cruyff, Milan Sacchi and other great clubs before it.

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This is the logic of things, nothing continues indefinitely, the club must have the courage to address its fans with reality, selling dreams is no longer acceptable, the team needs years to return, the number of those years is determined by the correct policy of the administration, the more clear and smart, the shorter the time, The longer you sell illusions, the longer time will be.

Once, Bayern was looking for the ball against Barcelona, ​​and only found it in his net. The club’s fans were asking how much we will defeat the Bavarian, today the situation has changed a lot, and Barcelona is looking for the ball, and his fans ask: How much will we lose today? It is life in football, Barcelona dominated for a while, it has now retreated, and it will return in the future, because it bears a great name, it must return…