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Barcelona responds strongly to the news of Aguero's retirement

Barcelona responds strongly to the news of Aguero’s retirement

Barcelona decided to respond forcefully to the news of the retirement of Argentine striker Sergio Aguero, “Bulugrana”, after a heart attack he suffered recently.

And hours before the Catalan derby match between Barcelona and Espanyol in the 14th round of the Spanish League, press reports confirmed that Aguero will hold a press conference this weekend, to announce his retirement from football.

After many hours of silence, whether from Barcelona or the player’s representatives, Vice-President of the Catalan club Rafa Yusti denied the news.

“Aguero has three months to see how this anomaly develops, they told us that he needs three months to assess whether he is able to continue playing or not,” Yusti said in statements made to FC Barcelona.

What is new in the issue of Aguero’s retirement?

The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” confirms that Aguero will not play football again.

The newspaper revealed that Aguero hopes to reach an economic agreement with Barcelona, ​​that his departure has become inevitable, and that he does not intend to return to Argentina if he does not continue in the field of football.

In addition, Samir Nasri, Aguero’s former teammate at Manchester City, confirmed via French TV channel “Canal +” that he had received a message from the Argentine confirming that he had decided to retire.

What is Barcelona’s response to this news?

After a period of silence, Barcelona decided to deny the matter through a number of the most prominent figures in the club, despite the fact that Aguero’s agent did not provide any explanation for the matters.

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“He denied that Aguero would announce his retirement,” Vice President Rafa Yusti said in brief comments.

Sporting director Matteo Alemani said: “There will be time to see things, at the moment things are not clear.”

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez also sent a message to Aguero, in which he said: “I spoke to him, what came out is incorrect, we do not have this information, we are talking to him, and we will try to make things develop so that he can continue to play football, he is calm and happy.” .

How did the news of Aguero’s retirement start?

Spanish journalist Gerard Romero, through his channel “Twitch”, quoted sources about Aguero that the player will retire from football permanently.

Aguero suffers from an irregular heartbeat, and the seriousness of his condition was revealed after the medical tests that the Argentine underwent after the match against Alaves at Camp Nou, which was held on October 31.

The Argentine asked for a change in that match during the last minutes of the first half, after he felt chest pain and difficulty breathing, and he was hospitalized for several days.

What came in Barcelona’s statement to announce Aguero’s case?

After checking on the player’s condition, Barcelona issued a statement confirming that Aguero would be out of action for three months, and that the effectiveness of the treatment he was undergoing would be evaluated.

Since then, Barcelona has not issued any other announcement regarding Aguero’s health condition.

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