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Bars in the US punish Russia - instead of Russian vodka they serve Ukrainian

Bars in the US punish Russia – instead of Russian vodka they serve Ukrainian

Updates: 02/27/2022 03:25

NEW YORK – Some American bars and liquor stores have found their own way to punish Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. They have pulled Russian vodka from their offering and are instead promoting Ukrainian brands, the Associated Press writes.

“Yesterday morning I woke up and saw that Russia had invaded Ukraine. One wonders what to do,” said Bob Kwai, owner of Bob’s Bar in Michigan. “The United States usually imposes sanctions. I thought I would also impose sanctions,” he added. So he removed the well-known Russian brand Stolichnaya (Stoličnaja) from its shelves and began promoting the Ukrainian Vektor. “We have an inscription above it: Support Ukraine,” he adds. Quay announced his decision on Facebook and said that since then, people who hadn’t been there before started coming to him.

Likewise, liquor store Southern Spirit in South Carolina is experiencing rapid growth after Russian brands pulled off shelves thanks to Ukrainian leader Kozak. According to the store manager, the sales are selling much better than they expected.

Magic Mountain Ski Resort in Vermont posted on Twitter Videowhere an employee pours Stolichnaya vodka into the waste and says: “We’re sorry, but we don’t sell Russian products here.”

The governors of Ohio and New Hampshire also joined the fight against the Russian leader. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has ordered the state’s Department of Commerce to suspend the purchase and sale of the only Russian vodka sold in the state, the Russian Standard. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu has signed an order requiring state liquor stores to withdraw Russian products and brands.

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In Canada, the Ontario Liquor Control Authority (LCBO), which is responsible for the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the province of Ontario, announced that it will withdraw all products made in Russia from all 679 stores in the province. It also promised to take back all Russian products and said it stands behind Ukraine, its people and the Canadian-Ukrainian community in Ontario.

Bob Quay of Michigan added that he may not sell Russian production again. And he took another step, as he asked for the Ukrainian flag, which he wants to raise next week.

The Associated Press noted that the Stolichnaya vodka brand is owned by a Russian-born businessman, Yuri Scheffler, and is in fact produced by the Stoli Group in Latvia. Stoli stated on his website that he supports peace in Europe and expresses solidarity with the Ukrainians.

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