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Bars with a new face.  Country stores are changing too

Bars with a new face. Country stores are changing too

In the past year, Plzeňský Prazdroj has fundamentally changed the way its brands are displayed in public. He has begun to install more realistic advertisements in bars and restaurants, supplying beer and, in cooperation with the owners, adapting the exterior of the business to reduce visible smog on the streets of towns and villages.

“Since January of this year alone, we have modified more than two thousand businesses in association with bars. Moderate presentation, clearer labels, better customer mobility and energy savings. These are the reasons why bars themselves are increasingly reaching out to us and wanting a change. This year alone. , and at the request of the bars, we prepared a thousand concepts with the proposed modifications”, says Marketa Blahova, responsible for the project.

Exterior changes and the replacement of brightly lit banners with moderate advertising elements also result in savings. “If we go back to all the changed institutions, then the annual savings in electricity is 252 thousand kWh, that is, up to one hundred households consume. In addition, we set ourselves the goal of reducing the amount of plastic produced, which we succeeded in thanks to the new extrusions. This year Alone, it is about saving sixteen cubic meters of plastic, which is the size of a smaller swimming pool near the family home,” adds Blahova.

Restaurants undergoing gradual visual change aren’t the only ones. With the redesign and resurgence of the modern look, comes the formerly COOP ugly country self-service stores. Investments often reach tens of millions of crowns.

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“The choice of a building for reconstruction is always determined by the local situation and also by whether we own the building or rent it. Our peculiarity is also that each store is unique, and everything must be done individually,” explains Lukáš Němčík, spokesperson for the COOP network .

Investment depends on the extent of reconstruction. “Minor repairs in the range of hundreds of thousands and complete reconstructions in the range of millions to tens of millions of crowns. A new element is represented by new equipment and technologies,” Němčík calculates and adds that there are several reasons for the modernization.

According to him, it is necessary to improve the shopping environment and convenience of customers, for example, thanks to better clarity of the assortment. The second important factor is to improve the energy density of the stores with the aim of saving energy. “These are, for example, the implementation of photovoltaic power plants or saving technologies, so we already have low-energy stores in small municipalities,” the spokesperson added.

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