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Bassem Yakhour: Tim Hassan played an amazing role in “Al-Zand”

said the Syrian star Bassem Yakhour His star compatriot Tim Hassan He played an amazing role in the series “Al-Zand”.

Bassem added in press statements on the sidelines of his honor at the Creativity Forum at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus: “In my opinion, there could have been a simple repetition with the series” Prestige “, but he was able to get out of it with the utmost intelligence and ingenuity and presented a character with different dimensions and smart solutions. “

Bassem explained that Tim plays a distinguished role in addition to all the actors in the work, led by Anas Tayara, Dana Mardini, and all the young actors, in addition to restoring the luster of a number of old actors.

Bassem confirmed that the director, Samer Barqawi, surpassed himself and presented a great cinematic image and language, and in the end he said: “We are all proud of them. In the end, this is a Syrian work that elevates us all and presents something very important to the Syrian drama.”

For his part, Basem Yakhour is starring in the series “Al-Arabji” in the current Ramadan drama season, written by Othman Juhi and Moayad Al-Nabulsi and directed by Saif Subaie. Who is played by the star Salloum Haddad in a high atmosphere of suspense.

Bassem also participates in the series “Kharif Omar” directed by Al-Muthanna Sobh, where he plays the character of a distinguished investigator, but the circumstances put him in a very difficult situation.

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