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Bassil attacks Hezbollah... Actual criticism or electoral maneuvering?

Bassil attacks Hezbollah… Actual criticism or electoral maneuvering?

. was considered Lebanon To these statements issued by Basil as an official opening of the electoral race, in an effort by President Free Patriotic Movement to strengthen his position.

Bassil said, in a press conference, “We chose an understanding Mar Mikhael On the strife, and we agreed that weapons are only to protect Lebanon,” stressing that “the attempts of isolation and siege will not end, and we must be convinced that our strength is from the strength of each other, and the Shiite unity is important (Hezbollah and the Amal movement), but not at the expense of the country.”

On February 6, 2006, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement (then) current President Michel Aoun signed an understanding at St. Michael’s Church in Beirut, to work together in addressing important issues, most notably “state building.”

He asked, “Where was the understanding of Mar Mikhael translated in building the state? By covering corruption, compromising, and paralyzing the powers and mandate of the President of the Republic? By striking the Constitutional Council?”

A step backward

He added, “We tried to develop the memorandum of understanding in closed rooms, we do not want to cancel it, but it no longer answers our challenges, and the resistance must remain above and under the state, we need a serious dialogue, and we will not win additional electoral votes in the event of the understanding being broken, and we choose to win. Ourselves and our credibility to lose the party and the country.”

In what is considered a step backwards, Bassil said, “We supported the resistance against Israel and ISIS. We supported it politically, not with money, not with weapons, or with lives, and we obtained political support from it to establish rights through partnership and national balance.”

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He continued, “Our priority is the state and its reform, and their priority is the resistance and its defense, and we said that we can preserve both, but the resistance remains under the state and not above it, and we cannot lose the state for the sake of the resistance, but we can win both.”

Regarding the US sanctions, Bassil explained, “I submitted a request to lift the unjust sanctions on me, and the false accusations of alleged corruption, and to prove this with documents according to American law, the Freedom of Information Act.”

The secret is in the Amal movement

In the same vein, Bassil launched a fierce attack on Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri (Hezbollah ally), accusing him of controlling the parliament’s decision, and calling for the development of the Lebanese constitution in accordance with the National Accord Document and by consensus.

“We want a major change through dialogue in response to the invitation of President Michel Aoun, who had previously called for a national dialogue table,” he added.

He went on to say, “Our basic system is broken,” adding that “the central state robs the President of the Republic of his powers by force by the House of Representatives and the Constitutional Council, and robs the rest of the sects of their right to rotate in the Finance and Interior ministries, and this is something we no longer want.”

Aoun attacks Hezbollah

Last week, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that his country needs “six or seven years” to get out of the crisis, a pessimistic assessment that does not open a window of hope for a country that is desperately looking forward to positive developments since the economic collapse in 2019.

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Aoun called for the necessity of the cabinet meeting as soon as possible, after more than two months of its ally Hezbollah disrupting government sessions, in what appeared to be an implicit criticism of the party’s position without naming it.

The Lebanese government, headed by Najib Mikati, has not met since last October 12, as a result of the refusal of the ministers of Hezbollah and its ally, the Amal movement, to hold any session unless it was dedicated to deciding the fate of the judicial investigator in the case of the Beirut port explosion, Tariq Al-Bitar, who demanded his dismissal and accuse him of “politicizing”.

Large demonstrations have erupted in Lebanon since October 2019; In protest against the corruption of the political class in the country, the deteriorating living conditions, and the voices that pushed for early general elections in the country, but they failed in this endeavor.

Flirting, not attacking

Lebanese writer and political analyst, Fadi Akom, sees Gibran Bassil’s speech as the opening of the official season of the electoral race in Lebanon scheduled for mid-May, and it seems that he is trying to gain time with a very early start through political arrows that affected everyone without exception.

Akoum added, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that with regard to Hezbollah’s criticism, some may understand it as an attempt to separate or a rupture, but by carefully reading the content of the words, we find that they are courting Hezbollah, and that the problem of the movement is not with it, but with the Amal movement, and opens the door to understandings. A new deal with Hezbollah, where he repeated more than 3 times that the “Mar Mikhael” agreement exists, but it needs some modifications.

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He explained that some of the amendments are related to dealing with the Amal movement, and with its traditional political rival, Suleiman Franjieh, and he also gave obedience to Hezbollah by attacking Samir Geagea, whom he described as an ally of America, noting that Bassil continued to flirt with Hezbollah by providing Christian cover in the elections for the alliance.

And he continued, “During the upcoming elections, if Bassil loses the support of Hezbollah, he will lose a lot of his parliamentary bloc, especially since the coalition has the largest parliamentary bloc in the past elections, which Basil knows well and pushes him to enhance his fortunes not only for the sake of the parliamentary elections, but for the presidency that he aspires to toward.” “.