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Battlefield 2042 reveals the biggest feature cut out before the release of the leak

Battlefield 2042 reveals the biggest feature cut out before the release of the leak

New one Battlefield 2042 Ahead of the release of the final version of the game last month on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the leak revealed a major feature that was unfortunately cut at some point during development. a key Battlefield 2042 Liquor and Insiders, Tom Henderson. Taking to Twitter, Henderson revealed that the game’s orbit map was at one point more ambitious than reflecting the final product.

According to Henderson, the orbit map must first contain a flood event that will cover certain parts of the map with a flood. To support this request, Henderson provided some comments showing the active feature. Of course, this can be very difficult to implement from a design and technical point of view, which explains why it is not effective.

Below, you can see the concept art mentioned above for you, again, courtesy of Henderson:

For now, take all of these with a grain of salt. While there is no room for doubt about Henderson’s concepts or their credibility, that doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t a 100% sure message straight from the horse’s mouth.

Battlefield 2042 Available worldwide on PC and two generations of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. For more information on first person shooters, click here Here.

Battlefield 2042 EA and DICE should be fully pushed to some point by 2022.” Our official review from the game. “Alternatively, the version of this game that is currently available, I am sometimes unable to play since it was first released. Furthermore, there are some major design changes made by DICE. Battlefield 2042 Don’t feel good. From improving the center battlefield The experience fans want Battlefield 3And 4, or bad company 2And 2042 The bulging shell of its former self is trying to regain some tint of its former glory. As a fan who has played this series for over a decade, Battlefield 2042 A huge disappointment, I don’t even think it’s worth the savings. “

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