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Battlefield Mobile comes to Google Play and promises massive battles full of destruction

Battlefield Mobile comes to Google Play and promises massive battles full of destruction

Before the official unveiling of the upcoming Battlefield 2042 game for home and PC devices, EA also announced the Battlefield Mobile game, which will be available specifically for smartphones in 2022, and that the game comes to us from the development of the Industrial Toys team. Since this time, the game has completely disappeared and we have not obtained any new details about it, due to EA’s interest at the present time on the new Battlefield 2042 game, but today we get information and details about the Battlefield Mobile game after updating the page for the game On Google Play Store.

The game is the same exciting battles and epics that Battlefield is famous for, across a variety of playing styles, and you can also expect the large-scale destruction feature, although we do not know the nature of the exploitation of this feature across smartphone devices, and the game will also see maps that provide Familiar sites and new ones as well.

The game will see the provision of a variety of weapons and equipment in addition to many usable vehicles, including four-wheel drive vehicles and tanks. As you’d expect from a Battlefield game, you’ll be able to choose from four character classes, Recon, Assault, Medic, and Support, and the game’s Google Play Store page also revealed customizable gear, upgrades, progression, and specializations.

Of course, the actual game release date has not been mentioned but it is likely that we will hear more about Battlefield Mobile in the coming months especially after the launch of Battlefield 2042 in October.

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