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Battles raging in the center of Mariupol... and Russian control is imminent

Battles raging in the center of Mariupol… and Russian control is imminent

Ministry spokesman said Igor Konashenkov: “In Mariupol, the units have tightened Donetsk Republic Popularity (unilaterally declared), with the support of Russian Armed Forcesbesiege it and fight the nationalists in the center of the city.”

confirmed that Russian forces And the separatists now control 90% of the land Lugansk region.

Violent battles have been raging for several days between the Russian army And separatist forces on the one hand, and Ukrainian forces on the other, to control the strategic city on the eastern coast of Ukraine.

Shortly before the start of the offensive on February 24, Moscow recognized the independence Donetsk and Lugansk the two separatists.

The importance of Mariupol

Russian military analyst Alexander Artamatov said, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that controlling the city would allow Moscow to link its forces in the Crimea with those in the separatist regions of Donbass.

He added that it is important to consolidate full control of the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, other than that it is so far the largest city still in the hands of Kyiv in the Donbas basin, which includes the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

For his part, the assistant professor of international relations at the Russian Lobachevsky University, Amr El-Deeb, says the importance of Mariupol lies in 3 points: “The first is that the territory of this city is the land route connecting Russia and eastern Ukraine with the Crimea, and if it is fully controlled, the process will witness great progress in the process military and carrying out its most important goals is the naval isolation of Ukraine.”

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The assistant professor of international relations at Lobachevsky University explained, during his statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the second point is that this city is the most important and largest port in terms of capacity on the Sea of ​​Azov, and its control by Russian and eastern Ukrainian forces will mean a strong economic capacity for my republic.” Donetsk and Lugansk, especially in the field of coal and minerals export.

He continued, “The third and final point is to deprive Ukraine of this port, which would mean a clear undermining of Ukraine’s economic capabilities.”