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Bayern Munich announces that Sadio Mane has been suspended and fined for misconduct

Written by: Hani Abdel Nabi

Thursday, April 13, 2023 07:49 PM

announced club Bayern Munich Germany, today, Thursday, suspended Senegalese international star Sadio Mane from participating in the match scheduled against Hoffenheim in the German Bundesliga competitions.

Bayern said in a statement on its official website: “Sadio Mane will not be in Bayern’s squad for the match scheduled against Hoffenheim on Saturday, and this comes due to misconduct following Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against Manchester City.”

Bayern stressed that Sadio mane He will be punished with a fine, without disclosing its value, nor did he reveal whether or not the player would be subject to suspension in other matches after the Hoffenheim match.

And it was reported that Mane had a fight with Leroy Sane, his teammate in the Bavarian team, after losing 0-3 to Manchester City in the Champions League on Tuesday.

The German newspaper Bild, as well as Sport 1, indicated that Mane had hit Sani in the face, before the team’s players intervened to separate them.

Reports also indicated that the two had a dispute on the field in the match due to a wrong pass.

Sani was in Bayern’s starting list in the meeting, which was held at the Etihad Stadium, while Mane sat on the bench before he was pushed in the 69th minute.

Bayern is on the brink of exiting the Champions League, as it must win by more than 3 goals over its English counterpart in the second leg, which will take place next week at the Allianz Arena, if it wants to qualify for the semi-finals in the continental competition that it crowned 6 times.

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Mane joined Bayern in July 2022, as the German club hoped to fill the void left by the departure of its veteran Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who moved to Barcelona during the last summer transfer period.

However, Mane has not yet been able to play the role of top scorer in the team, and since suffering a long-term injury that kept him from participating in the World Cup finals in Qatar last December, he has been struggling to reach his best levels.