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“Beauty” for new lawyers: the legal profession adds knowledge and eloquence

“Beauty” for new lawyers: the legal profession adds knowledge and eloquence

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Yesterday, the Bar Association held a legal oath session for the new lawyers, headed by Hussein El-Gamal, Secretary General of the Syndicate, on behalf of Rajaei Attia, President of the Bar, and in the presence of Fatima Al-Zahra Ghoneim, a member of the Council of the General Bar.

The session was held in the Egyptian Workers’ Union hall for new members of the Menoufia, North Sharqia, South Sharqia, North Dakahlia, South Dakahlia, Tanta, Mahalla El-Kubra, Kafr El-Sheikh, North Beheira, South Beheira, Fayoum, Beni Suef, Minya, North Assiut, and South Assiut trade unions halls. Sohag, Qun, New Valley, Luxor and Aswan.

The session witnessed a young lawyer’s recitation of a poem he wrote in celebration and joy of taking the legal oath, followed by the speech of Mr. Hussein El-Gammal, Secretary General of the Bar Association, who confirmed that the day of taking the legal oath is a historic day in the life of every lawyer.

Al-Jammal stressed the need to obey parents and acknowledge their grace, stressing that parents are the basis for success for each individual. Worship only Him and be kind to your parents.” And that treating them well and obeying them is a duty, until you obtain the approval and generosity of God, because they are the basis for what you are currently in, and no matter how much we talk about them, we cannot give them their right, for their giving is inexhaustible without you waiting for anything in return.

Al-Jamal added: “We are keen to prepare you for the next period of your life and have put all the possibilities available to the Law Institute to graduate a generation capable of bearing the responsibility and mission of the legal profession, and we are keen that the message of the legal profession remains lofty.”

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He stressed that the Law Institute is an actual practice of the profession, as the texts of the law are in the books, but the success in working with the message of the lawyer is in practice, dealing with civil, administrative, and criminal cases, and how to deal with the facts in the case in which he is entrusted, the evidence and pure witnesses, and the evidence available in the case It is divided into strong and material evidence, explaining that the lawyer is the one who experiences the incident in all its details. It is the defense and presents a true picture of the incident to be presented to the court, accompanied by evidence.

He pointed out that the legal profession adds knowledge and eloquence to the lawyer, and forces him to work for the weight of his skills, and to draw from all sciences to be able to practice law, noting that the legal profession is based on ethics, science, knowledge and the ability to persuade, in addition to a commitment to a good word and an honorable appearance.

Al-Jamal stressed that the lawyer is responsible for his behavior and actions, as he is the object of the community’s view, pointing to the need for the lawyer to cherish himself and to have good morals, which are among the characteristics of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, when the Lord of Glory told him that you are of a great character, alerting lawyers The new ones have self-respect and personal pride, and know how to deal with all parties to justice and the different groups of society.

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He emphasized that ethics are the basis for the lawyer’s success, as ethics gives the individual the ability to choose his behavior and determine his form, which means contributing to shaping the personality of the individual and determining his goals in life.