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Because it is “America’s most powerful policy.”

The series of the best guests interviewed by Fabio Facio continues. Speaker of the House of Commons tonight and Se Tempo Se Fa Nancy Pelosi, considered by some. “America’s most powerful policy“.

American House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Getty Images

After George Clooney, Barack Obama and Bill Gates continue the string of great international guests interviewed Fabio Fazio. The well-known conductor returned to his post two weeks ago (for a minor intervention in the larynx) tonight there will be a link from the US Nancy Pelosi. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly. “OpposedFrom him, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and the most influential figure in the States.

This is considered by some to be America’s most powerful policy, and the role it plays is indeed one of the most important. Now in his fourth term, Donald Trump has been one of the main rivals during his presidency (especially in the last few weeks as well). Born in 1940, Nancy Pelosi He comes from a family of Italian-American descent, and his real surname is de Alessandro. Pelosi, in fact, gets it from her husband Paul.

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Trump’s number one enemy is Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, a decisive influence in American politics (and consequently worldwide), ranks third in the state. Always a supporter of measures aimed at protecting the environment and the law relating to the control and possession of firearms, the Speaker of the Chamber also expressed positive views on the issue of freedom of abortion.

As a symbol of the war against the Trump administration, Pelosi turns 80 on March 26th. The last 16 of them were led by her party, which has always supported the rights of women in practice. Who knows whether Da Pazio will intervene this evening in the subtle, recent issue of (verbal) attacks between Fiden and Putin.

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