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Because of a rocket that will carry it into space, NASA postpones the launch of "Capstone" again

Because of a rocket that will carry it into space, NASA postpones the launch of “Capstone” again

NASA announced the postponement of the launch of the CAPSTONE satellite into space.

A statement issued by the agency stated, “It was decided to postpone the launch date of CAPSTONE from 25 to 27 July. Postponing the launch process will give the development team more time to prepare the rocket that will transport the moon into space.”

And NASA indicated earlier that “the CAPSTONE satellite, which weighs approximately 25 kg, will be launched from a space airport belonging to the Rocket Lab company in New Zealand, and its primary mission will focus on helping to calculate and determine the orbit of the Gateway lunar station, which will be launched in New Zealand.” Artemis framework The International Space Station, and that the moon is supposed to reach its specified space orbit 3 months after its launch, and it will operate in space for at least half a year.

In 2019, NASA announced a draft of the Artemis program to explore the moon, and indicated that the program will be implemented in 3 stages, the Artemis 1 stage, during which an unmanned Orion vehicle will be sent to orbit the moon and then return to Earth, and the Artemis 2 stage, which will be During which a manned spacecraft is sent to orbit the moon, and the Artemis 3 phase, during which NASA hopes to send astronauts to the moon and then to Mars.

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