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Because of anti-Semitism, the British Union of Students sacked its Muslim president, Shaima Dalali.

Because of anti-Semitism, the British Union of Students sacked its Muslim president, Shaima Dalali.

The United Kingdom’s National Union of Students said Tuesday it had fired its president-elect, Shaima Dalali, after an investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism.

“Following an independent investigation into allegations of anti-Semitism, particularly with the then president-elect, the committee found significant breaches of union policies under the NUS Code of Conduct,” the union said in a statement.

A regulatory commission investigation concluded that Daley’s tweets from 2012 were “anti-Semitic,” and in his statement said, “Based on this finding, we have terminated the president’s contract,” noting that the decision could be appealed.

For her part, Tunisian-born Shaima Dalali condemned the decision by the National Union of Students, writing in a tweet, “On the first day of Islamophobia Awareness Month, I found out I was kicked out via Twitter. . . This is unacceptable.”

According to a statement released by a law firm representing her, Shaima felt she was being subjected to discriminatory campaigning for being a dark-skinned Muslim woman, in addition to her beliefs regarding the Palestinian cause.

Condemnation of dismissal decision

Condemning the decision by the National Union of Students, the Islamic Council of Britain issued a statement on its official Twitter page, saying, “The announcement of the sacking of the President of the Union of Students England, Shaima Daly, is deeply disturbing and raises questions about due process of law.”

A Twitter user, Jamal, wrote, “While a British man of Indian origin rises to the post of Prime Minister, Shaima Dali, a British woman of Tunisian/Sudanese origin, is punished for her advocacy of the welfare of a people suffering under a racist regime in Palestine.”

It is noteworthy that Talali was the first president to be sacked in the union’s 100-year history.

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Support the decision of the Student Union

For his part, many activists supported the union’s decision to split semantics. Calvin McKenzie, editor of the British newspaper “The Sun”, wrote that he was “delighted at the news of Talali’s dismissal for anti-Semitism and support for Hamas. Old tweets show his support for killing Jews. His father is Tunisian and her mother is Sudanese.”

McKenzie added, “I laughed at the semantic outrage of the decision as it coincides with Islamophobia Awareness Month!”

The British Council of Representatives responded to the incident in a statement posted on Twitter: “The decision to dismiss indicates that anti-Semitism is now being taken seriously within the Students’ Union.”

“We look forward to the results of the comprehensive inquiry into the Students’ Union, which we hope will lead to real and constructive reform and make the organization truly representative of all students,” the statement added.

Talali, a black Muslim woman of Tunisian descent, was elected in March to lead the national student body.

Shaima came to the UK in 2000 to study at the University of London and received a Masters in Law.