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Because of Federer and Nadal .. Al-Khelaifi attacks the President of Real Madrid

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Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of Saint-Germain, responded sarcastically to the statements of Real Madrid president Laurentino Perez, during which he used Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, tennis legends, to justify the continuation of the Super League project.

Al-Khelaifi said in statements highlighted by the Italian website Calciomercato: “Unfortunately, as we saw yesterday in our meeting with A22 (the company that calls for the sub-league), it may become A23 or A24, and they may introduce a new brand every year.”

He added: “Some people are trying to rewrite history and divide football, to be honest I feel sad for them because yesterday they showed that they do not understand football.”

Perez is the biggest supporter of the Super League project, which calls for separating from the “UEFA” championships, and starting a new project with greater financial profits, and is opposed by Al-Khelaifi, who holds the position of president of the European Club Association.

Al-Khelaifi continued: “They talked about Nadal and Federer. I have little experience in tennis because I am a former player. Let me tell you that Rafael and Roger are two of the greatest athletes in the history of the game. This is not because they played everything together, but because they worked hard.”

He continued: “Every game has been important to them, no matter what player they play against, they have never asked for a closed league with better players, they have defended the tennis family, please don’t use greats to justify your failure.”

Regarding Perez’s statements that the Champions League is not competitive, Al-Khelaifi said: “We heard that the Champions League is not exciting enough, and that European football is completely destroyed, but they continue to participate in those tournaments (in reference to Real, Barcelona and Juventus), I do not understand this.”

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And he continued: “Last week the leader in a team group was decided at the last minute, congratulations to Benfica that they deservedly got it, and all the teams in Group D could have been first or last, but it is clear that the tournament is not exciting enough, And they have a solution.”

He concluded: “They say that the Champions League is not competitive enough, but many of the big clubs did not qualify for the playoffs, my team could have been in this situation, this football no club has the divine right to win.”