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Because of his daughter’s divorce… Yasmine Sabry’s father breaks his silence and threatens the law

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Ashraf Sabry, the father of the Egyptian actress, Yasmine Sabry, expressed his strong anger at some sites, which he described as fictitious, due to incorrect statements on his tongue.

In a post on Facebook, Sabri explained that he found sites that he described as fictitious, making up incorrect statements on his tongue.

He confirmed that he had sent to the administration of the site demanding that the fabricated statements be deleted, and threatening to resort to legal methods to obtain his right, especially amid the “ordeal after the divorce”, as the family experienced.

He also threatened to resort to the law to hold accountable those who take advantage of people’s pain to achieve gains by fabricating lies, in reference to those accounts.

He pointed out that everything that was published about him during the past hours regarding the divorce of his daughter, Yasmine, is false information.

In addition, the angry father published pictures of the news and the statements attributed to him, as well as a picture of the e-mail he sent in order to obtain his right.

And Ashraf Sabry wrote through his account on the social networking site Facebook: Allow me to talk about fake sites that take advantage of people’s pain to achieve gains by fabricating lies, such as the Arabi Net site, which put on my tongue lying words regarding the divorce of my daughter Yasmine, and I directed them to their site by denying what was put on the site about my tongue

And he continued: Or I will take legal methods for these lies regarding this family ordeal by divorcing my daughter and I asked for this news to be falsified, and to attach the tendency and lie that they put out of my tongue.

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It is reported that the duo, who separated in complete calm, found themselves surrounded by a large number of rumors and false news, without an official response from them, in light of the leaking of the news of the separation by a close source.

The relationship between the artist and her father witnessed a great deal of controversy, as it entered into successive clashes and crises that ended in a rupture in recent years.