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Because of the penalty kicks, the Barcelona-Levante match goes down in history

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Barcelona managed to overcome the misfortune that afflicted it against its counterpart Levante, and beat the latter 2/3 in the Spanish League, a meeting that brought them together at Ciudad de Valencia.

The referee awarded three penalty kicks against Barcelona, ​​the first came in the 52nd minute. Levante managed to exploit it and scored his first goal, followed by the second after only two minutes (54), but Levante players did not take advantage of it to double the result, and it was wasted by Roger Marti.

Barcelona managed to adjust the result in the 59th minute through Per-Americ Aubameyang, before Pedri added the second goal for Barca in the 63rd minute, then the match referee awarded a third penalty kick for Levante in the 83rd minute, and Gonzalo Millero managed to score to equalize for his team, but Barcelona players refused Surrender in front of bad luck and penalty kicks, and Luke de Jong scored the third goal for Barca in the deadly time of the match (92), to give the Catalan team three precious points.

The three penalty kicks against Barcelona came to write a historical event, as it is the first time in the history of Barca in the Spanish League, during which 3 penalties are awarded against him in one match, and the Levante match is the first that witnessed a penalty kick against Barcelona during the current season. .

The Barcelona-Levante match is the second during the same week in which 3 penalties are awarded to the same team, after the same number was calculated for Real Madrid during its match against Celta Vigo a few days ago.

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Barcelona raised its score to 60 points, taking them to the second place in the Spanish League, while Levante’s balance froze at 22 points, occupying 19th place.