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Because of two submarines, a confrontation over and under the sea between Russia and Britain

Because of two submarines, a confrontation over and under the sea between Russia and Britain

And the British newspaper, The Independent, said on Friday that the British Navy had sent the warship “HMS Portland”, which is described as a “submarine hunter” to North Sea To track two Russian submarines.

She added that one of the two submarines turned out to be the Severodvinsk equipped submarine with ballistic missilesThe second submarine is of the nuclear “Akula” type, which is also nicknamed “Hurricane” and “Shark”, due to its enormous missile capabilities and huge size.

The two submarines appeared separately in the North Sea, located in the northwest of the Norwegian Bergen region.

According to the newspaper, “Daily Mail”, the British Navy issued a statement saying that “HMS Portland” tracked the two submarines, on Saturday, July 16 and Tuesday, July 19, while they were sailing along the coast. Norwegian beaches.

Britain sees the approach of the Russian navy from its territory by stationing in the North Sea as an imminent danger.

This event comes days before Russia’s celebration of the Navy Day scheduled for July 31, when Moscow is scheduled to showcase its capabilities in this field.

It is not clear whether the Russian submarines were discovered underwater or when they appeared on the surface.

The Russian Navy only said that “the submarine hunter and the helicopter attached to it, equipped with the latest tracking devices, talked about movements to cut off the Russian Northern Fleet.”

Alongside them, the RAF’s B-8 Bodsen fighter jet tracked Russian submarines.

It is not clear how this incident ended, but it is added to a series of similar incidents in the North and Baltic Seas in recent months, involving aircraft and naval vessels from both sides of Russia and the West.

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