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Softballistka Veronika Pecková

Beck returns to Japan: This life attracts me. Then to New Zealand to get a partner

At the end of November, you said you would not return to Japan. What has changed?
“At the time, I didn’t have a specific offer from Japan. I knew I wasn’t going to Toyota anymore. I wondered what would happen next. I thought I’d take a break. Then Iyo Bank called, and I thought I’d give it a try.”

Your former club finished third last year and the new sixth. Will it be some kind of undoing of fame?
“We simply knew that back then. Plus, I didn’t play much last year. It was a big team with six bowlers. That’s a lot on the number of games. It was very difficult to get there. I should get more chances this time.” .

You are used to the life of a professional. what was?
“For the first time in my life at Toyota, I was only in charge of softball, and I didn’t have to go to work. On the one hand it was cool, on the other hand weird. I lived there alone, and I had nothing in my head but sports. I softball in the morning and evening, There is no comfort factor. It was very difficult to deal with. I will go to work in the morning in the new team. In the international division of the bank I will gain additional experience that will be useful when I finish the sport. It will be training every afternoon, matches on the weekends. This life attracts me “.

At Toyota, you said you talked to your teammates through an interpreter. Did you improve in Japanese?
“I already know something, but I forgot a lot of things again. I tried to keep up, but since you don’t hear the language every day, you know it. I agreed on a team to arrange lessons for me again. During them, the Japanese will quickly return.”

You have a partner to change from New Zealand. Have you resolved your cohabitation yet?
“It is not possible at the moment, New Zealand is still closed due to Covid-19. We call each other constantly, several times a day, but we last saw each other in February 2020.”

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this is difficult …
“Very. (sighs) We’re fighting, we’ll see how it goes.”

Veronika Pekova is the best Czech footballer

The season in Japan will run again until the end of the year. Can your partner come there for you?
“He has a good job, he can’t go to Japan for a few months. I’ll come back to him after the season. Now I’m applying for vaccinations, and I hope the rules will be relaxed during summer or fall. They’re already vaccinating in New Zealand, but it’s hard to say how the pandemic will continue.” Anyway, we want to oppose it.”

Does this mean that you want to live permanently in New Zealand?
“Yes, we planned it.”

Is it “only” love, or has the earth enchanted you and the earth?
“If everything could be put together, I would like to live in the Czech Republic. I am at home here. Unfortunately, the friend does not speak the language, it would be difficult to apply with us. It must be that way. In addition, New Zealand is a beautiful country. I love the nature that She is unique there. I speak good English, I can live there normally. It will be easier for everyone.”

If love. What makes New Zealanders better than Czechs?
“Nothing. It doesn’t mean he’s NZ, we just sat down and that’s it. (laughs)”

Let’s get back to softball. Do you have any idea when you will travel to Japan?
Preparations for the European Championships, which will be held at the end of June in Italy, will soon begin. So I have some extra league matches, training camps for the national team and a championship. The J-League starts in September, so I’d like to leave in mid-August at the latest. It mainly depends on the visa. He is now dealing with a Japanese sports agency. Because of the Olympics and the epidemic, the conditions are very strict. Hopefully, vaccination will speed up the whole process.”

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Are you looking forward to Japan? Did you find friends there?
“Since she hardly speaks English and I have reservations in Japanese, it was hard for me to find good friends there. I was there alone when the epidemic broke out. I couldn’t go anywhere, and even if I went somewhere, no one would talk to me. We became Friends with the girls on the team, the language of softball is the same everywhere, and everyone knows what is being said. But our relationship did not go deep and we did not understand each other.”

So you don’t know what the Japanese think about the Olympic Games?
“Since we don’t understand, I can’t ask them. (Laughs) But I look forward to what I’ve noticed. The preparations alone make the virus situation difficult. They were sad when the Olympics was postponed. At the same time, they are happy that the fans are not coming to it. It would be a risk. Everyone have to “.

The softball overtime league begins this weekend. After experiencing Japan where you performed in front of four thousand spectators, isn’t everything small and slow to you?
“Not at all, I’m really looking forward to it. I haven’t played with the girls in a long time. It’s another thing when I take charge of my dad’s team. We grew up together, I have a sister in her, let’s see, we’re kidding. I’m glad I can still try it, I thought I wouldn’t be so lucky.”

It’s actually your goodbye…
“Okay…we’ll see how it all turns out. I don’t underestimate the competition in any way, haven’t played it in a long time, and I’m looking forward to switching from training mode to match mode.”

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After all, you are used to a professional approach. An amateur cannot give softball everything. You do not mind?
“I’m training on the court, we’re on the field with the men’s team. Four exercises a week with the guys, we have a great party, we’re fine together. I live in Lydenes, five minutes from home is a stadium. Whenever I want, I go mess with someone.” What. I don’t feel like I see any shortcomings around me.”

Not only do you throw, but you also burn. The man’s throw should be different.
“Yes, it is a great preparation for the international level. There are not many great bowlers abroad. Our boys will soon have the European Championship, and they have already won it several times. You will not find a better team in the old continent.”

Are you telling me that a European bowler shoots a woman?
“No, it will not work. The guys throw balls at 125 km / h, as well as rotate them differently. We don’t need that, we won’t find such a level anywhere. We should train with cadets who throw around 110 km / h It’s good to arrange a lesson with the 18th national team. In preparation, we played against our juniors. The boys are faster, and the level of the match was like the best teams in the women’s extra league.”

You may not be participating in the playoffs anymore. However, you probably know Leyden’s ambitions. What do they like?
“Since 2016, we still hold the medal positions. We won the gold medal three times, and last year we were one step closer to the finals and won the bronze. So I am not afraid to say that we are aiming for the highest again.”

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