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بيكهام يهنئ والدته بمناسبة عيد الأم: كلنا نحبك ونشكرك على التواجد معنا.. صور

Beckham greets mother on Mother’s Day: We all love you, thank you for being with us .. Photos

English football legend David Beckham celebrated Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday, congratulating his mother on this happy occasion through his personal account on the “Instagram” website, and wrote in a message to her: “Happy Mother’s Day, my mother … a wonderful mother and a nanny. ..We all love you. ” Thank you so much, and always be with all of us. “

Beckham, his mother and siblings in childhood

Beckham published a variety of photographs from different stages of his mother’s life, which he collected with him during his childhood and youth, including photos of his mother with Beckham, his father and his brothers, most of which were celebratory. His coronation with his football achievements.

Beckham greeted his mother on Mother's Day
Beckham greeted his mother on Mother’s Day

World Mother’s Day “Mother’s Day” is celebrated on different dates of the year, this event falls on March 21 each year, in most countries of Egypt and the Arab world and in most countries of the world, its date varies in some. Countries that celebrate Mother’s Day in May or June or July, according to the UK, celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which coincides with the period from March 2, 2022 to April this year. 14, 2022.

David Beckham, his family members usually take part in celebrations of family and public events. Nose Day is observed in Britain every year on March 19 for the benefit of a charity in the United Kingdom, with the aim of making the world poverty-free..

On the eve of Mother's Day, Beckham greeted her mother with her old photos
On the eve of Mother’s Day, Beckham greeted her mother with her old photos

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Photo taken by Beckham with his parents from adolescence
Photo taken by Beckham with his parents from adolescence

Beckham posted – at the time – a photo of himself with his daughter Harper, adorned with a red nose, through his account on Instagram, with the caption “Happy Red Nose Day .. from Papa and Harper Seven.”

Beckham's mother celebrates
Beckham’s mother celebrates