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Before Ahmed Azmy.. Artists complained of a "work crisis", and one of them fell into a state of depression

Before Ahmed Azmy.. Artists complained of a “work crisis”, and one of them fell into a state of depression

Mohamed Ismail – Cairo – Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Ahmed Azmy, recently revealed his suffering from the lack of work and the lack of opportunities for representation to be presented to him, which sparked controversy with the successive complaints of some artists for the same reason and some of them resorted to other fields of work far from art .. But an artist among them is a story that he knows in the following lines

Here are some of these artists in the following lines:

Ahmed Azmy

The artist Ahmed Azmy said, on the “Kalam Al-Nas” program on the “mbc Egypt” channel: “I was blind after my release from interviewing my colleagues, and I watched the works that were presented, and I had a feeling that I would have a second chance, and they tested me and tried me again, and God honored me and intended.” I start a new page and will not open doors to the past, and our Lord said do not follow the footsteps of Satan, and our Lord has honored me with a second wife and I settled down and began to think about my life.

He added: “The surprise was the late Professor Waheed Hamid, and he reassured me, and I participated in the group, the second part, and then I worked on the series The Street that Behind Us, and it was the biggest proof that I recovered completely, and I also participated in the King Lear play, and this myself reaches the producers because it was in it caution towards me and I am your son and I made a mistake. Throughout my life, I was raised in the artistic community, and I would like to go back to it again.”

Yasmine Jamal

The artist, Yasmine Jamal, announced her suffering from lack of work and the lack of artistic opportunities offered to her. It is not a shame, and this is a project like anyone in the world who works on small and big projects.”

She explained: “Karim is one of my generation, who started together and climbed the ladder one by one. We are children and we studied and remained members of a union without mediator or relatives, and no one appeared in the artistic community other than our Lord Almighty and the love of people.”

And she continued, “The question remains: Why did you grow us up? Why did you star us? Did you stay at home for years, why also?!! We are an entire industrial generation sitting at home, actors (young and old), producers, directors, authors, directors of photography, workers, and the first thing we learned from those who preceded us in This field is patience, we will be patient until my time.”

And she added: “I am the first time I speak, but from an hour ago I did not see Karim and I am not able, frankly, and the one who knows me well, I know that I have nothing to do with the so-called (Trend) and in the end you hear that he is tired or died of anger over something that he wasted his whole life on, and in the end he was not scratched. his right”.

Fatima Al-Kashef

The artist, Fatima Al-Kashef, returned to the spotlight, after years of silence and disappearance from the screen, through an electronic distress she addressed to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, through her account on “Facebook”, where Fatima, the wife of the artist Gamal Abdel Nasser, published a message in which she pleaded with the president for not being nominated for any role for many years, because of What she described as “the lack of justice in the distribution of works to artists.”

Fatima wrote: “This topic is allowed to be published through respected journalists who have a free pen, and this topic is on my tongue… an urgent appeal to His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic… Mr. President, we are some talented student artists with artistic experience over the years, and we have presented artworks.” We have received artistic awards and enjoy the love of the public, praise be to God and thanks be to God, but we have not worked for a long time because of the control of some people over who works and who does not work for personal reasons and other interests, and we are artists. .

And she added: “What is happening now is not fair and does not satisfy God Almighty. When one of us is offered a job, it is below the level that the artist deserves, that is, it is not commensurate with his artistic status, and at this time he must accept or reject … from us who He accepts forced because he is financially needy in order to live and spend on his family..and among us are those who refuse, but he gets frustrated and his psychological condition deteriorates and ends with him entering a psychiatric clinic, and there are examples without mentioning names because he is not embarrassed or falls ill until God dies.

Fatima Al-Kashef

Prince Abdul Ghani

Prince Abdel-Ghani Muhammad Al-Bast, the most famous extra in the artistic community, said that she is a divorced woman and lives in a new rental apartment in the Haram area, with a monthly rent of 400 pounds, other than the money for electricity and water.

And Berna continued, crying, in her private statements to “Gulf 365”: “I was working as a cook, and I fell on my back and I was forbidden to stand after that, and because the doctor prevented me from standing in the kitchen, I went to work in the cinema.”

And she continued: “I do not scratch a pension, and the comparators are oppressed because they do not have a pension or insurance, one day they work and ten no, and my grocer is 4 months working, and I have been borrowing money to live and my grocer is 45 years old in the cinema, and my first beginnings were with the movie (Fajr al-Islam).”

And she continued, “I had money for rent and electricity, and I worked with director Moataz Al-Tuni, may God bless him with the series (Al-Farah, our joy), and I paid part of the money that I had, and I still have debts and money for people.”

She explained: “I am appealing to President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, given the situation of the extravagant women in artistic works, and their living condition, and by saying (Oh, boss, I want a pension to live from), because I live alone and I do not have a boy, girl, or man who spends on me. This job.”

And she added: “The Representative Professions Syndicate does not look at our situation, our situation and our health conditions, and I am six sick and I have a roughness in the knee, and when I get tired of the spirit of the pharmacy and take treatment from it with skepticism, I can’t find a job and a lot of grocers work.”

Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra

The great artist, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, sparked controversy recently after announcing that he was going through a state of severe “depression”, because he had not received offers to work within the artistic community, whether in drama or cinema, indicating that he is currently thinking of retiring after serving 60 years in art.

Abu Zahra explained that he is one of the distinguished comedians, especially that he presented many important roles in the comedy area, noting that he demands the makers of the artistic content to star in a “comedy work that breaks the world.” And his generosity throughout those years.

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