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Before downloading any application on your phone.. tips to avoid piracy and information theft

Follow-up – Batool Dhawa

Due to the wide spread of smart phones and the tendency of most service and business providers such as banks, government agencies and service companies to provide services through smart applications. It is necessary to download the applications of these parties to deal with them easily.

In this regard, most of the people think that downloading these apps from the most popular smartphone stores like Google Play or Play Store is a safe act and does not pose any danger to their devices. But this is not the case. According to The Sun newspaper. British.

Dangerous apps for pirated smartphones and digital tablets find their place in the most secure app stores, says British IT expert Grant White.

So Grant gives some tips before downloading any application on your phone to avoid hacking and theft of its information. Most notably:

Before downloading any application, it is important to review the number of its downloads. If the number is low, it is the first sign that the application is fraudulent.

Before approving an app, especially an app from banks and government agencies, make sure that the information it is asking for matches the purpose for which it was downloaded. If excessive private information is requested, the app must be deleted immediately as it is considered a fraud trap.

– Grant explains something very important, which is that banks and companies will not ask you for information related to the PIN number on your credit card, as these numbers are requested only in some cases in front of people in the service branches, and are not passed on to everyone.

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You should also pay attention to the language of the application, if it is written informally or in broken language, you should be wary of dealing with it immediately.

One of the most important notes that you must take care of is to make sure that you delete any unwanted applications that you have downloaded on your smartphone because they can be dangerous if they remain in the phone memory unit.