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Behind the scenes, "Harry" and "Megan" reject Charles' invitation to return to the royal family.

Behind the scenes, “Harry” and “Megan” reject Charles’ invitation to return to the royal family.

Prince Charles has invited his youngest son, Prince Harry, and his family to stay with him in England.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported that the Prince of Wales did not see his granddaughter, who was born in California in June last year.

Shortly before Christmas, the newspaper added that this was the first time the family had fully met since Harry and Meghan decided to leave the royal family and leave the royal family.

However, Harry reportedly refused to return without significant protection from the “dead” Special Police Force, which called into question the reunification.

Close sources said the family has been in contact with a series of “good” calls in recent months.

A person close to the palace said: The Prince of Wales regrets missing the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren.

“Charles is a wonderful grandfather, he loves to play the role, and it’s certainly fair to say that he feels something is missing in his life without being able to know about Harry’s children.”

“It’s hoped he will be healed, which is why he is signaling to Harry, Megan and the kids to be with him if they want, so they can come home for a while anytime.”

The newspaper confirmed that this came at a time when Prince Harry was being warned by former head of state security “Day Davis” that he could not “choose” when he wanted to go to the United Kingdom and seek protection.

Davis said the Lord of Sussex should not expect his bodyguards to decide when to return home, which is unacceptable.

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