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Behind the scenes of the interrogation session of the union officials in the Hamdallah case... Did Al-Balawi confess the recordings?

Behind the scenes of the interrogation session of the union officials in the Hamdallah case… Did Al-Balawi confess the recordings?

Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah – Hamed Al-Balawi

Saudi 360 – Hamed Al-Balawi and Mishaal Al-Saeed attended as administrators Union ClubThursday noon, accompanied by their lawyer, to the headquarters of the Saudi Football Association, to investigate them against the background of the complaint filed by victory Which is known as the case of records.

Al-Balawi and Al-Saeed argue that there is no professional competence in the Hamdallah case

Provided management victoryto the Professional Committee of the Saudi Football Association, which includes negotiations between the officials of the dean and the Moroccan player, Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, who was in the protected period of his contract with the Al-Asimi Club.

And it was reported through accounts on the social networking site “Twitter”, during the session, that Hamed Al-Balawi, had admitted that the recordings were true, and the call was leaked through a mutual friend between Hamdallah and the football director of the Western Club.

Sports journalist Ahmed Al-Ajlan said that Hamed Al-Balawi, as well as the administrator, Mishaal Al-Saeed, had contented himself with pleading before the Professionalism Committee in the Hamdallah case that it was outside the jurisdiction of the committee because it was being considered in all its details, including with regard to the registrations before FIFA.

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Al-Ajlan confirmed that it is not true what is being circulated from the club’s director of football the Union Hamed Al-Balawi about the recordings and providing any information or discussion about them at the hearing before the Professionalism Committee, but rather argued that the committee had no jurisdiction because the case was in full details with FIFA.

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