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Beijing ten billion. There are more of them than New York

The United States flag and

Flagka USA in New York
| picture: AP

Due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic in the city was stopped relatively quickly, many tech companies have backed the shareholders. Although there are $ 100 billion in Beijing and $ 99 in New York, a total of $ 1 billion of large apples is still worth $ 80 billion, more than a billion of them.

According to Forbes, Zhang Yiming, who has socialized with TikTok, which is listed under ByteDance, is Beijing’s billionaire. Its assets have more than doubled in the past year, to now stand at $ 35.6 billion. The richest New Yorker at the time was former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with assets of nearly $ 59 billion.

For the Epidemic of the First Coronary God. In the US, tech giants in the US performed exceptionally well last year, as more people were shopping online and looking for new ways to dispose of money online.

Hence, technology company owners and shareholders can take advantage of this situation. This is also evidenced by the number of the richest fisherman on the planet, Jeff Bezos, who got rich from $ 64 billion to $ 177 billion last year.

Macau and Hong Kong single-handedly swept their countries, so over the past year, more gods have been added to the list, not just any other country in the world. Last year Forbes joined 210 new German gods. They currently total 698 billion, and reach the United States, where there are now 724.

Billions of millions of years

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Half of the newcomers made their name mainly in the tech sector. Among them, for example, is Kate Wangoff, founder of Relx Technology, which specializes in e-cigarettes.

Last year there were a million new ones in the race. According to Forbes, 493 new billionaires were born worldwide and a new 17-hour god was added to the list on average. In this city directly behind it and the United States is India, where there are currently 140 billion.