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Belarus has banned the import of Skoda Auto products and Nivea cosmetics

Belarus has banned the import of Skoda Auto products and Nivea cosmetics

Updates: 23.04.2021 23:06

Minsk – Belarus has banned the import of products from Škoda Auto, the German company Liqui Moly, which provides motor oils, and Beiersdorf, the owner of a number of cosmetic brands, including Nivey, looking at The Belarusian government on its website. The main points of the published regulation will take effect ten days after the official publication of the document and the list of banned products will be valid for six months, as determined by the government. ČTK has yet to get a response from TK Auto.

The government explained the need to protect national interests and said that it took it in light of “hostilities against the Belarusian people.”

In January, koda Auto announced that it would not sponsor the World Hockey Championship if the tournament was held in Belarus. Tomáš Kotera, head of TK’s communications department at the time told it that it was important for the company to comply with all regulations that protect, protect and enforce human rights. Liqui Moly and cosmetic manufacturer Nivea also refused to support the championship in Belarus, as President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime worked hard against the protesters, Meduza’s servant reported. However, the Belarusian Cabinet did not mention in the published statement that its decision related to these companies’ reservations about the tournament.

If the Belarusian authorities discover products banned upon import, they should order their return. The document states that people who sell these products in malls, markets, fairs, exhibitions or on the Internet will be required to close. However, the ban does not apply to the situation in which the products are brought for their own consumption by citizens of Belarus and to the means of transport registered in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as to the means of transport “temporarily imported” to the customs of the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union, and also includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

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Minsk and Riga were originally supposed to co-organize this year’s ice hockey tournament. However, given the tense social and political situation in Belarus after President Lukashenko’s controversial re-election last year, the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) board decided not to play the tournament in Belarus. Alternatively, the entire tournament will only take place in Riga from May 21 to June 6.

Belarus saw mass protests last year after the Central Election Commission declared long-term leader Lukashenko the victory in August. The Belarusian opposition and the general public consider the elections to be rigged, and have not been recognized by a number of countries and organizations, including the European Union. Security forces cracked down on the demonstrators. Thousands were beaten, and many died as a result of the protests and the police crackdown.

The Belarusian Cabinet clarified today that traders who left unsold goods on the date of the entry into force of the regulation are obligated to suspend the sale of prohibited products and take inventory of them within five working days. Within the next five business days, they must hand over inventory in duplicate to the tax office and ensure that these products are marked with “special control codes” within 60 calendar days. After marking the remaining goods, the government said, entrepreneurs can continue to “do” the trade.

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