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Belarus talks.. Moscow is ready to discuss a ceasefire

Belarus talks.. Moscow is ready to discuss a ceasefire

The Russian delegation to the negotiations with the Ukrainians said that the issue of a ceasefire would be discussed with the Ukrainian side, on Thursday.

The Russian news agency, TASS, reported that Mrfor russian army He opened safe passage for the Ukrainian delegation so that it could go to the talks.

According to what was quoted as saying by the head of the Russian delegation, the upcoming talks will include a ceasefire and security guarantees.

Meanwhile, the US ambassador to the United Nations said, Linda Thomas – GreenfieldOn Wednesday, Russia is preparing to increase its brutality in its military operations in Ukraine.

And US diplomacy urged member states of the General Assembly to vote in favor of a resolution condemning Moscow over its military invasion of the neighboring country.

The American warning came, as a delegate said Ukraine The United Nations, Sergei Kislitsa, earlier said that Russia was using all its military capabilities to attack Ukraine, and began deploying reservists.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Ukrainian nationalists were preparing for provocations during which they would shelter civilians.

Reports from the field spoke of Russia intensifying its military operations around major cities in Ukraine on Wednesday, with local officials talking about matters approaching “critical junctures”.

Russian tanks entered the port of Kherson on the Black Sea, while the city’s mayor announced the interruption of the city hours after the attack, saying that what he described as a miracle was needed in order for the city to remain “out of the hands of the enemies” in reference to the Russians.

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